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Monday, December 13, 2010

IOSYS - Lovely, Freezing, Tomboyish Bath, Cirno's Hot Spring

This is one of my favorite Chirno songs because they use a different voice this time, which gives her a sexier feel.  Sadly, this song is relatively new, so there are no english lyrics. The song is about how Chirno is going to defeat the other fairies not by being the strongest but by taking a thermal bath and becoming pretty. Sadly I don't know Japanese, but the phrase + = -K got me puzzled.

Then I remembered Chirno has a spell card called "Freeze Sign: Minus K", so the meaning is pretty dumb as usual. Going under 0°K means below absolute zero.

And so on. I don't care about the rest anyway.  I wonder what I'm doing writting on my blog at 4 a.m.
Anyway, Chirno pics~~!

She writes "Chiruno". oogle says "Don't you mean ⑨"?


  1. Insane vid! haha. While watching it I had no idea what she was saying!

  2. Oh god, such a huge bass drop for her voice!

  3. where's the part where she took cocaine?? she is a hyper one

  4. That gabba bass is intense with her cute voice!

  5. gives her a sexier feel? Why dont you have a seat right over there...

  6. see full version.