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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Touhou 1st Grand Prix - Witch Doll Team

Here, have a manzai skit (Japanese comedy) featuring Touhous. Alice wants to rent a house on the human world and Marisa tries to help her rehearsal.

This is part of a tournament of some sort where the winner at this particular version gets the Hourai Elixir that keeps the user from aging. The show goes out on new year's eve at the Comiket so I'm looking forward for the 5th release now and hopefully the appearance of Kogasa♥.

I'm not posting all of them because some are too bad and they're all the same anyway. There are usually two actors, one is the "sane" and the other is the "insane", something like Laurel & Hardy. I choose this one because I love Alice, not because of Marisa. Actually, I hate her but don't tell anyone.

Also, have a radom pic to make it look like a good post.

One day, Alice. One day...
≖_≖ ~

Also, here's a Touhou wiki link with all of the skits in order.


  1. everything moves too fast in that video

  2. im with das auto everything moves too fast in that video

  3. That's what you get for surfing the net while a sleeping towhow is right next to you.

  4. Only a real man can browse the net with a hot chick in bed with them

  5. I'm pretty sure my brain exploded. Mission complete, witch dolls.

  6. That pic is me every night, except the hot girl is my cat :(

  7. Me hiding beneath the computer desk

  8. Someone needs to teach me how to deal with humans too!