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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's okay to take it easy

I started this blog in hopes of earning some extra money, but as time went on I realized this was just a waste of time and no real money ever came to me. Yet I liked to write silly stuff, so it was okay.

Thing is I like to take it easy and writting a blog every day/week/month is not exactly my idea of easygoingness or whatever. So don't expect me to write here ever again, although I might. To those that enjoyed my blog, thank you. It was fun to blog, meet people and so on... This is too much text, so I'll add some pics.

 That fuckin' ghost girl...


Hunting little parrots...



Is it for me?

 Today is not my birth... oh, what the hell.

I'm not the first one you try this trick on, right Sanae?
I know that much...


  1. Ghost girl tongue!

    Don't mind about posting on schedule, just remember to take it easy~

  2. it's all good, I enjoyed it :)

  3. I enjoy your blog! Do what you like best :). I'm enjoying every moment of blogging

  4. some pretty crazy stuff goin on with ghost girl

  5. Don't worry man, you can afford to take it easy as much as you want, since it's your blog after all~

  6. Aww, you should really keep writing. You are not gonna make money instantaneously... Whether it be a company, a music artist, a website etc etc etc, a lot of time and effort is often put in before any money is made. What's important is making as many friends as possible who can stick together with you...then everybody together can make a difference even if by yourself it seems impossible.

  7. Sorry to hear you're leaving man... I started my blog in hopes of earning money but stuck with it because it actually helped me express myself in a unique anonymous way... If you ever decide to come back, drop me an email or something... good luck on your travels!

  8. take it easy
    sounds like me :D

  9. Relax, take it eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy

  10. I had a good time looking at your stuff. It's to bad that this happened. But if you ever feel like blogging again we'll prlly will still be here.

  11. It's cool, come back sometime though!

    9k Blogs Revival!

  12. Damn some of those are cute! Take it easy..

  13. just simply adoraable!.... fallow

  14. happy birthday, because I can.


  15. good lucks! supporting you!
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