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Monday, January 3, 2011

IOSYS - Definetly no more work

I want this new IOSYS album so fucking much! The album's name is 東方云符不普 but I guess you could call it Unfufufu. This particular PV is from a song about being lazy and not wanting to work featuring no other than Kaguya the Queen of NEET.

I love the Yukkuri vocals because it really give that Asperger's feel. I like IOSYS arranges and I think silly vocals actually add up rather than diminishing the overall value as most hardcore musician dudes would say.

I've also looked up some doujin games but I couldn't find the best ones yet and I'm kinda lazy to download all those compilations of Comiket stuff they share because some dudes just upload shitty stuff. But I guess I can't ask for much since it's free anyway.

If I had money, I'd order them all. Just take a look at the album cover and tell me you wouldn't buy this awesome oni-loli on the right.

Album oficial site:

EDIT: I guess I forgot to say something about new year. Well, happy new year if you care about it.


  1. The song is arranged very well and I like the vocals a lot :D
    Happy New Year!

  2. Love it!
    I never really like this sort of thing either.

  3. That album cover is hypnotizing me too.

  4. Pretty awesome stuff!

  5. Maybe you'rr get the money and won't have to download all that shitty stuff:D

  6. Hope you have a great new year and that you get that album you so much desire!

  7. the albums name is... 東方云符不普... but I guess you could call it Unfufufu...

    that sentence is amazing